A punk disguised as a nerd.

Both of my parents are psychologists, and naturally they performed behavioral experiments on me as a baby. So yes, I am basically an X-men.

I use my powers to bend sentences, conjure ideas, and write killer bios. That are also self-aware. 

I played the violin in both an orchestra and a punk band, proving that with me, what you see is not what you get. I am also 114 lbs and won a National Powerlifting Championship twice,  so I rest my case.


  • Cannes Lions

    • Gold Lion in Film​

    • Gold Lion in Radio

    • Gold Lion in PR

    • 2 Silver Lions

    • 3 Bronze Lions

  • One Show

    • 1 Silver

    • 5 Merits

  • D&AD

    • 1 Graphite Pencil

    • 3 Wood Pencils


  • Clio Music - Bronze Winner

  • One Show Young Ones - Silver / Merit

  • Graphis New Talent Annual

  • Communication Arts Interactive Annual 


Places I am on the Internet:
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