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my portfolio is not ready

Look, we've all been here. I have a bunch of new work that came out and I've had no time to put it in the nice format that I imagine in my head.


Plus, I'm a copywriter so it takes twice the time to design all this so forgive me but today is not the day you'll see my work in a website with my url on it. 

If you're here, you probably Googled my name, saw something of mine and was like "wow I wonder what else has she done?". Not my portfolio, apparently. 

I swear that as soon as I get vacations I'll fix this website. Deal? Deal.

I knew you would like this proposition. 

Meanwhile you can read my embarrassing About me section or watch my embarrassing stand up. Orrrr you could subscribe to my Youtube cooking channel, although I probably should update that too.

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